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The Diplomatic Circle of Geneva is an international association aiming at establishing and promoting privileged links between representatives of the diplomatic world and those of the civil society at both the Swiss and international level.


Our Missions

Founded in 2004 by its current President, Mr Robert F. Blum, the non-profit organization gathers to this day 190 nationalities. Its head office is located in Geneva.
Its members - ambassadors , heads of mission, high-ranking civil servants or company leaders – contribute without any discrimination to the Diplomatic Cercle’s missions and more specifically to peace in the world.

Our Activities

  • be the privileged link between diplomats and civil society.

  • allow a dialogue without any discrimination

  • reinforce the links between various civilizations

  • contribute to peace in the world 

  • favour cultural exchanges

  • create meetings between political authorities and civil society 

  • provide its members with a conciliation committee in case of dispute

The specificity of the Diplomatic Circle lies in its capacity to mobilize a unique relational network to ensure the success of its various projects and missions

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