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Active members are all natural persons or legal entities who are particularly and personally involved in running and achieving the objectives of the association.

They make up the Executive Committee as volunteers ensuring the management and development of the Association.



As a Supporting Member, you enjoy the following privileges :

  • Conferences and cultural events

  • Exclusive dinners

  • Meeting every second Thursday of the month in a major Geneva hotel

  • Gala dinner after the General Assembly

  • « Diplomatic News » magazine

  • UNO cultural passport

  • Participation in economic missions of the Circle


On top of the above privileges, the Circle provides its members with a unique relational network.


When becoming Supporting Member, you enjoy unique advantages while contributing significantly to the development of the Diplomatic Circle’s activities.

In order to join the Diplomatic Circle of Geneva, you shoud fulfil two requirements :

  • be sponsored by a member of the Association,

  • send a written application to the president of the Executive Committee

The Committee reserves the right to accept applications for membership.

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